"Femlink - International Women's Day" at Centre for Creative Practices Dublin

Femlink - International Women's Day

Films – 7pm - Female Independent International Directors In 2005, two artists, Veronique Sapin (France) and Cathy M. Judge (USA) decided to create common art-works which can include women-artists from every where in the world. Both, they had the same questions about how can they help women artists who live outside Europe and USA and who have difficulties to create, promote, distribute, exhibit and screen their art work. After the films we have a great concert by El Grey. El Grey is a mature sound that may get you intrigued, and your ears alert. So join El @ CFCP on March 8th and experience this rather ‘rare species’ :) Tea & coffee will be avail on the night, and you may wanna also BYOB (bring your own bottle).. :) Tickets are 8.50 and 6.00 concession. *March 8th is the International Woman’s Day, so if you’re looking for an interesting night out – do join us @ CFCP.

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